Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex & 2-Spirit

Ethnic and Cultural Resources

for the East Bay (Contra Costa & Alameda Counties) and the San Francisco Bay Area.



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  • Rainbow Community Center   
    3024 Willow Pass Rd., Ste. 200,
    Concord, CA 94519
    Phone:  925/692-0090
    Web site:  www.rainbowcc.org
    Email:  rcc@rainbowcc.org
    Men’s Multicultural Group (discussion group & potluck)
  • Asian Health Services
    818 Webster St. Oakland, CA 94607
    Phone:  510/986-6310
    Web site:  www.asianhealthservices.org
    Providing quality services to the at-risk youth community through prevention programs for HIV and AIDS.
  • Cancer Support Group for Asian Lesbians in the East Bay
    Phone:  510/213-1376
  • Chiacchieroni: Club di lingua italiana
    An Italian language speaking social group with monthly meetings where people come to socialize and practice their Italian. Meets monthly (usually last Friday) at members' homes to practice speaking Italian and share pot luck refreshments. All ability levels welcome. Email for dates and locations and/or to join. 
  • Gay Asian Pacific Alliance
    Dedicated to furthering the interests of gay and bisexual Asians and Pacific Islanders by creating awareness, developing a positive collective identity and establishing a supportive community.
  • Pacific Center for Human Growth    
    2712 Telegraph Ave.,
    Berkeley, CA 94705           
    Phone:  510/548-8283
    Web site:  www.pacificcenter.org
    Email:  info@pacificcenter.org
    Lesbians of Color Peer Group:
  • SMAAC (Sexual Minority Alliance of Alameda County)
    1608 Webster St.,
    Oakland, CA 94612
    Phone:  510/834-9578
    Web site:
    Provides support groups, Early Intervention Café, case management, weekly Life Skills Training, Peer Counseling training, and other resources for LGBTQ youth of color.
  • Somos Familia
    Phone: 510/685-2260 (Mirna) or 510/872-3683 (Laurin)
    Email: somosfamiliabay@hotmail.com
    Somos Familia is the only organization oriented to Latino families seeking support for their children who are LGBTQ. The group was started by two mothers to extend support to other families with similar experiences.
  • Trikone
    Supportive empowering and non-judgmental environment where LGBT South Asians can meet, make connections, and proudly promote awareness and acceptance.
  • Black Coalition on AIDS (BCA)  
    Website: www.bcoa.org
    The Black Coalition on AIDS (BCA) focuses on reducing disparities in the Black community, particularly the spread of HIV/AIDS. BCA strives to achieve this focus by providing health and wellness services including, but not limited to, housing, education, advocacy, health case management and other health-promoting activities. BCA has been a pioneer since 1986 in providing health education, advocacy and services to San Francisco’s Black community. We have accumulated the depth and breadth of experience to serve the local community as health and outreach needs continue to evolve. Join us. Get involved. See what we have to offer to help you maximize your health and wellness.


  • Drop-in Center for the Trans Community
    TRANS: THRIVE is a drop-in center by and for the trans community. Our mission is to foster a healthy trans community, empowered by the leadership of its peers.
    T-LISH (Transgender Ladies Initiating Sisterhood)is a trans youth program of TRANS: THRIVE primarily focused on young transgender women of color ages 14-24, but we have events for all trans youth to attend, including transmen and genderqueer youth. Check out our MySpace page for the latest, or see the T-LISH calendar. Services include groups, workshops, events, counseling, computers, showers, clothes & community.
  • Mailing: 2261 Market St. Box 496,
    San Francisco, Ca 94103
    Office: 2095 Harrison St.,
    San Francisco, Ca 94110
    Tel: 415-558-8403
    Fax: 415-558-9709
    TTY: 415-558-0502
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/sfaguilas
    Blog: http://sfaguilas.wordpress.com
    AGUILAS is dedicated to creating a supportive, culturally sensitive environment for gay/bisexual Latinos. We strive to foster knowledge and pride of the diversity of our language, culture, history and spirituality. AGUILAS is committed to developing programs that promote health, well being and community building that foster positive self-identities, healthy relationships and leadership skills.
  • Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center
    730 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA 94109
    Phone:  415/292-3400
    Web site:  www.apiwellness.org
    Asian & Pacific Islander, Queer & Questioning, 25 & Under: Drop-in support/social group for young queer Asian/Pacific Islanders. Also provides trans resources and groups.
  • Bay Area American Indian Two Spirits
    Phone:  415/865-5616
    Web site:  www.baaits.org
    BAAITS is a community-based volunteer organization offering culturally relevant activities for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Native Americans, their families and friends. Two-Spirit refers to the commonly shared notion among many Native American tribes that some individuals naturally possessed and manifested both a masculine and feminine spiritual qualities. American society commonly identifies Two-Spirit People as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender.
  • Bay Area Bisexual Network
    1800 Market St., Rm. 405, San Francisco, CA  94102
    Phone:  415/865-5627
    Web site: pending
    Email:  info@babn.org
    Umbrella organization for bisexual groups, resources, and people.  Seeks to develop a healthy, vibrant, multicultural bisexual community in the Bay Area and to promote better understanding of bisexual lives and issues.
  • Billy DeFrank Lesbian and Gay Community Center
    Provides community, leadership, advocacy, support and services to the Silicon Valley LGBT community and their allies. Programs include social activities, youth leadership development, nutritious lunches for seniors, support groups, individual counseling and HIV testing.
  • CUAV (Community United Against Violence)
    170 A Capp Street,
    San Francisco, CA 94110
    Phone:  415/777-5500
    24-hr. Crisis Hotline:  415/333-HELP
    Web site:  www.cuav.org
    CUAV offers a 24-hour confidential, multilingual support line, free counseling, legal advocacy, and emergency assistance (hotel, food, and transportation vouchers) for LGBTQ survivors of domestic violence, hate violence, and sexual assault.
  • The Diversity Center
    Santa Cruz, CA
    Offers a drop-in safe space, peer groups, potlucks, job and housing referrals, business and resource information, a lending library and more.
  • Gay Asian Pacific Alliance
    Dedicated to furthering the interests of gay and bisexual Asians and Pacific Islanders by creating awareness, developing a positive collective identity and establishing a supportive community. 
  • Love Sees No Borders
    Seeks to raise awareness of the issue of same-sex immigration.
  • Pacific Friends of San Francisco
    Social organization advocating friendship and cross-cultural understanding amongst gay Asians/Pacific Islanders
  • Positive Images
    Provides advocacy, support and information to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and questioning youth and young adults age 12 to 25. Its mission is to nurture a positive self image and foster clear understanding of diversity in sexual and gender identity.
  • The San Franciscobian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender Community Center
    Home to a dynamic range of organizations and activities that support the needs of LGBT individuals of every race, gender, age, sexuality and socioeconomic status.
  • Spectrum Center for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Concerns
    Strengthens, mobilizes and serves LGBT and questioning people in Marin and Sonoma counties; promotes acceptance, understanding and full inclusion.
  • TransGender San Francisco
    Provides a safe setting and support services for transgender people and educational materials for the transgender community and the general public.


    • February 7th
      National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is in recognition and response to how deeply the HIV/AIDS epidemic has affected African American communities; HIV/AIDS in the United States has disproportionately affected African Americans. Activities on this day will educate African American communities and to honor African Americans that have been lost due to this disease.
    • March 10th
      National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day activities will raise awareness of increasing transmission rates of HIV women and girls in the United States. The Office on Women’s Health in the US Department of Health and Human Services sponsors this day.
    • March 21st
      National Native (American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian) HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: March 21st was chosen as the day for National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness day because it is the first day of spring and represents new beginnings and change. Native communities continue to be a high-risk population for transmission of HIV; activities on this day will raise awareness and provide education for American Indians, Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiians.
    • May 19th
      National Asian and Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: National Asian and Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is a day to focus on education/raising awareness and commemoration for the Asian and Pacific Islander communities surrounding issues of HIV/AIDS.
    • June 8th
      National Caribbean HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NCAHAAD): NCAHAAD is a national mobilization effort designed to encourage Caribbean-American and Caribbean-born individuals, across the United States and its territories, to get educated, get tested, get treated and get involved. It is also a time to reflect, memorialize and show compassion for those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.
    • October 15th
      National Latino HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: National Latino HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is a day to continue education and awareness regarding HIV/AIDS and its affects on Latino communities. This day is intended to bring increasing awareness to the fact that Latino’s continue to be affected disproportionately by HIV/AIDS.
    • December 1st
      World AIDS Day: Established in 1988, World AIDS Day is an International commemoration of the HIV/AIDS epidemic that affects the entire world. HIV/AIDS is not selective in the communities in which it is the most pervasive; HIV/AIDS is a global issue that requires global action. This day is a day for governments, organizations and communities to come together to recognize the significance of the epidemic.http://

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