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Radical Fairies’ Social Gatherings
Who are the faeries?

We're decentralized, and nobody's in charge -- so every faerie who you ask will give a slightly different definition of "Radical Faerie." Generally, we tend to be gay men who look for a spiritual dimension to our sexuality; many of us are healers of one kind or another. Our shared values include feminism, respect for the Earth, and individual responsibility rather than hierarchy. Many of us are Pagan (nature-based religion).

Our defining events are Faerie Gatherings, where we'll get together for an extended retreat, usually in the woods, separated from the outside world. A lot of that time is spent in "heart circles," where we open up emotionally.

Of course, that's just this circle's attempt at a definition.

The RadFae.org website exists to pull together Radical Faerie information: links to resources and web pages, news, information, and pointers to other faerie lists. Our site is also available to host various faerie projects.

Annual Faerie Gatherings

Tropical Paradise Asian Faerie Gathering, Thailand in February

Winter Gathering at Breitenbush in OR in February - men only

(the Thursday before President's Day weekend which ends with the third Monday of February)

Beltaine at Wolf Creek Sanctuary in OR on May Day - open

Beltaine at Short Mountain Sanctuary in TN on May Day - open

Eurofaerie Gathering in July - open

Spiritual Gathering for Radical Faeries at Wolf Creek Sanctuary in OR in summer - men only

Annual Lammas Gathering at Kawashaway Sanctuary in MN in August - open

(10 days starting the first Friday in August)

Summer Gathering at Breitenbush in OR in August - men only

(starting the Wednesday before the third FULL weekend of August)

Samhain at Nomenus Sanctuary in Wolf Creek, OR in Oct/Nov – open

Contact at www.RadFae.org

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