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Transgender and Intersex Resources

for the East Bay (Contra Costa & Alameda Counties) and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Parent Group for Gender Variant and Transgender Children
Children's Hospital, 747 52nd St., Oakland, CA
FREE, 3rd Wed of month, 6:30-8:30

I Think I Might Be Transgender, Now What Do I Do?
A Brochure by and for Transgender Youth
Transgender people feel that the gender to which they were born, or assigned at birth, does not fit them. Transgender people include people born female who identify as male (female-to-male) and people born male who identify as female (male-to-female). Transgender people also include people who identify as "genderqueer", gender neutral, and/or gender-free (people who may not identify as male or female). Transsexual people are those who choose to medically transition to the gender that is right for them. Cross-dressers are people who like to wear the clothes of another gender but who don't identify as another gender. You may find yourself identifying with one or more of these definitions pretty strongly or with none of them at all. No one has to rush to self-lable, now or ever, and some people choose different labels that express more clearly how they see themselves.
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Introduction to Intersex Activism: A Starting Point for Feminist, Queer & Trans Activists
by Emi Koyama, Intersex Initiative Portland
Intersex Basics:
"Intersex" is the word that describes those of us who, without voluntary medical interventions, possess bodies that doctors can't neatly classify as male or female. This includes people who have chromosomal sex other than XX (female) or XY (male), or primary or secondary sex characteristics that defy the medical definitions of male and female. Somehow doctors get freaked out when a newborn baby is found to be intersexed, and often mutilate her or his genitals to conform them to the doctors' idea of what a normal baby should look like, even though intersex conditions usually do not threaten the health of the infant. Parents are often not given enough information or support to make an informed decision regarding their babies' care.
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Diagnosing Difference
by Annalise Ophellian, PhD
Webiste: http://www.gidthemovie.com/index.html
I“Diagnosing Difference should be mandatory viewing for all medical and mental health providers, including those currently in training and those who have practiced for many years ... This film provides not only a real portrayal of the diversity of gender identities within transgender communities, it also takes the medical and mental health professions head on with compelling historical facts, contemporary debates and personal narratives. This film is a call to all mental health providers to not only educate themselves but to become activists for transgender patient rights within their professional communities.”
-- Dr. Sara Kimmel, Staff Psychologist, Harvard University Mental Health Services

Drop-in Center for the Trans Community
TRANS: THRIVE is a drop-in center by and for the trans community. Our mission is to foster a healthy trans community, empowered by the leadership of its peers.
T-LISH (Transgender Ladies Initiating Sisterhood)is a trans youth program of TRANS: THRIVE primarily focused on young transgender women of color ages 14-24, but we have events for all trans youth to attend, including transmen and genderqueer youth. Check out our MySpace page for the latest, or see the T-LISH calendar. Services include groups, workshops, events, counseling, computers, showers, clothes & community.

Transgender & Intersex
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